Now our children have their own "CITYLAND"

Now our children have their own

On April 22 the opening of the reconstructed playground in Orion City took place.

Work on its construction took 2,5 months. The old rubber coating along with the damaged concrete layer were replaced with new ones, the slide was moved to a new location, it was renovated and painted, new swings for older children were purchased, as well as new carousels and rocking chairs for the playground area. The area where the slide is now located was cleared of the roots of old trees and a new lawn was planted in these places. For parents there are two benches in different parts of the playground. Four lamps will illuminate the playing area in the dark. For a safer stay of children on the playground it was surrounded by a metal fence around the perimeter.

Many thanks to all the employees who took part in the improvement of the site, namely Ayhan bey, Hakan bey, technician Mustafa bey, gardener Hassan bey, pool employee Mehmet bey, as well as Victoria Kovaleva for her ideas.

The opening of the playground was timed to coincide with the Children's Day which is celebrated in Turkey on April 23. On this occasion, all the children who visited the new playground on the day of its first day of operation received surprise gifts from Ayhan bey.  

We really hope that the new playground will become a favorite holiday destination for our children and their parents! We are proud that with your support we can implement more and more of the plans that have been set before us. We work with joy because all this is done for you!