Complex Rules

1. All residents of the complex must observe peace and quiet.

2. The owners and all residents of the complex must ensure that the common areas will not be contaminated and/or damaged. This also applies to the appearance of residential buildings and apartments.

3. Visitors must be recorded In the visitor log at the Information Service office at the entrance to the complex (apartment number, guest's name/company name, name of the apartment owner, guest's phone number). A badge will be issued to the user and will be returned when they leave the complex. You can contact the Information Service office at any time of the day.

4. All tenants with photocopies of passports must be registered at the main office of the complex management. Tenants must present a signed contract specifying how many people will live in the apartment and/or the agreement with the apartment owner.

5. The monthly fee must be paid in advance. If the owner of the property pays retroactively (having debt) penalties will be charged at the rate of 5% of the debt amount for each month of delay.

6. All owners and residents of the complex are obliged to place household waste in a container intended for this purpose. Please, do not throw toilet paper or other personal hygiene items in the toilet.

7. It is forbidden to dry, clean or knock out clothes, carpets, etc. both on the balcony railings and on the territory of the complex.

8. The risk of using the pool and water slides lies entirely with you. Pool opening hours: from 07:00 to 21:00 (some changes may occur). For details see the rules for using the pool.  Please, note that access to the pool and pool area is only allowed in bathing suits. It is forbidden to reserve sun beds using towels or other items if you are not in the pool area. Parents are always responsible for their children. Please, keep an eye on children at the pool and on the slides even if they can swim. It is forbidden to run in the pool area. Take a shower before using the pool. It is forbidden to wear shoes in the pool. Babies should wear waterproof diapers or special bathing suits when swimming in the pool. It is forbidden for them to use big pool even together with parents.

9. On-site pool and social area are not allowed to use all types of cycling including children's bikes, forbici, skateboards, roller skates, etc. Young children are forbidden to ride electric vehicles on the territory of the residential complex. 

10. When using an exit between 3 and 4 blocks, please, make sure that the exit door remains closed after you leave.

11. From 19:00 PM to 8:00 am drilling, tapping, listening to loud music or playing other types of loud noise is prohibited. In the daytime listening to loud music is allowed after warning and consent of the neighbors. Use headphones to listen to music or audiobooks in the pool area. Do not use any type of speaker.

12. To prevent contamination of facades, window sills, gutters, etc. it is not allowed to feed birds on balconies and leave food for animals on the street.

13. It is forbidden to install antennas (including satellite dishes) on balconies, roofs or facades without the permission of the Board Members.

14. All cables that go outside the facades must be attached to the wall.

15. Owners are not allowed to paint facades or balconies themselves. When installing textile sunshades, please, contact the Board Members for approval of the color of the awnings.

16. Owners who want to sell their property are not allowed to post ads that say "FOR SALE" on any part of your property so as not to create an unsightly appearance of the complex. The national flag of the native country is allowed to be placed on balconies only together with the Turkish one.

17. It is allowed to fix small flower baskets on the inside of the balcony.

18. It is not allowed to make any changes to the appearance or design of buildings or facades without the written permission of the Board Members.

19. Internal construction changes can be made inside the apartment provided that:

* The changes are approved by the Board Members and will not affect the design of the apartment and/or the building itself

* The necessary permissions were provided by the local government

* Changes must be submitted for review. Repairs and maintenance related to these changes must be carried out at the expense of the owner

20. Information about the apartment owner's intention to sell the apartment must be communicated to the Board Members. The list of apartments for sale must be located in the management office.

21. Stairwells should not have barriers that can prevent passage in the event of an emergency/ fire. It is not allowed to leave shoes and shoe shelves on the stairs as they make it difficult to clean the staircases.

22. It is not allowed to walk dogs and cats in the complex, especially without a leash. We kindly ask you to clean up after your animals.

23. Sauna, turkish bath and steam room - follow the rules for using these rooms. Children under 16 can only use the sauna if accompanied by an adult. Use of all rooms and equipment in these rooms is possible under your responsibility.

24. Use of the gym, computer and game room is only possible for their intended purpose. For damage caused to equipment due to improper use, a penalty will be charged to the respective users-owners/tenants (the owner is always responsible for damage caused by tenants). Children under 16 can only use the above rooms if accompanied by an adult. It is not allowed to remove sports equipment from the gym.

25. In the event of an accident/injury you can find a first aid kit at the Information Service office every day. There is also a defibrillator.

26. Without the permission of the Board members it is prohibited:

* Leave bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, strollers or other items on public property except in designated areas

* Organize your own repairs/work with wires/decoration/lighting of stairs

* Organize any work (for example, repairs) on the public territory of the complex

* Smoking on the landing, in the elevator, near the main entrance to the complex, in the basement. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas

* Wash or polish cars or other vehicles in public pedestrian areas or in the vicinity of residential buildings

* Organize any work (for example, repair of vehicles, furniture, etc.) in public pedestrian areas or in the vicinity of residential buildings

* Organize your own repairs with TV cables, digital satellite receivers or satellite antennas. They must be performed by authorized companies only as directed by the management of the complex

* Do not park vehicles, mopeds or bicycles in the pool area. The entrance must be free for use by residents with disabilities

* Do not wear wet bathing suits in the social area, on stairwells, or in the elevator

* Do not charge electric mopeds in public areas. Special devices for charging electric mopeds are installed on the territory of the complex (at block 7B, at the main entrance, at block 1, at the bicycle parking lot) 

27. It is not allowed to leave bicycles on the stairwells. Bicycles must be placed on external bike racks. In winter bicycles can be placed in storage areas for vehicles in agreement with the Board Members. Electric bicycles can be placed in the depot in block 3 if you pay 100 TL per year, motorcycles -120 TL per year.

28. Tenants who cause trouble by violating the rules of the complex will not be allowed to live in Orion City 

29. If you notice any damage, suggestions for improvement or problems, please, contact the main Office of the management Board of the complex in person or by e-mail

30. It is the responsibility of the owners to annually perform the necessary maintenance of their own apartments.


The rules are valid until they are replaced with new ones

Updated version: January 2020